The last 2 times I’ve been for yoga I’ve left feeling so relaxed and the weird thing is that both times I’ve got to the bus stop after a relaxed stroll there, and turned round to find the bus just arriving for me. Can’t help but think its the positive energy making that all happen! Other thing to learn from that is that you must be a ruddy fantastic yoga teacher cos I’m impossible to relax! So thanks đŸ˜€

I’ve just finished a yoga session with Jackie and wanted to share how much I enjoyed it and how great I feel now! Although I’ve done yoga a lot in the past I’ve learned so much from Jackie over the past few weeks about small details and tiny movements that really make a difference to the postures and how can they benefit me. The relaxtion session at the end is really good for me and I always leave feeling thoroughly relaxed but also fully energised which is a lovely combo to experience. Thanks!