Jackie Buckley is the therapist behind JLB Therapies.

I’ve always been interested in holistic therapies and movement since I was young. As a child I took ballet classes and in my early twenties, I started practicing yoga at a local class in Tonbridge, my home town in Kent. I am hyper-mobile so the practice appeared to come relatively easily to me, but I have always been drawn to massage, Reiki and healing practices. In 2012 I took a yoga teacher training course with the Freestyle Yoga Project and in subsequent years I’ve studied Reiki with Gary Markwick, my Reiki master and more recently, massage therapy at CityLit. I’ve also studied Vedic Meditation with the London Meditation Centre. Gaining these skills has changed my life completely!

I love to create an atmosphere and environment of calm and relaxation. My wish is for customers to walk into my treatment room and instantly feel a sense of stillness, to forget their worries and leave the room feeling rested and cared for.

I work intuitively and often incorporate all aspects of my skills into massage. If I feel a strong sense of energy coming from a person during a massage, I will often integrate Reiki into the treatment. Please note, I will always ask for a client’s consent before doing this!

As well as practicing yoga, I take occasional aerial hoop classes when I have the time and I’ve been a swing dancer for almost 5 years. I have a black and white rescue moggy called Bo.

Thank you for visiting my website and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the “Contact” page.



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