As I mentioned in my last post, I’m currently taking an anatomy and physiology course at CityLit. We’re on week 5, I think, of 7 so we only have a couple of sessions left to cram in the rest of the course. It’s really a beginner level overview of the system that will then enable us (the students) to take it forward to another subject, such as massage or holistic therapies.

Aside from my yoga TT in 2012, the last time I really studied was in 2001 when I was 18 and finishing my A-levels in Kent, my home until the age of 24. My revision style back then was to leave everything until the last minute i.e. the night before coursework is due or deadlines were set. As you can imagine, this was not a very effective way to manage my time or studies! I somehow managed to wing it and passed my exams but hindsight (ain’t it wonderful!) tells me if I had applied myself then I would have gained better grades.

So, after 15 years out of the school system I find myself back in the classroom, trying to absorb a lot of very fascinating information in a short period of time. Learning anatomy and physiology is like learning another language and not only that, but different disciplines will call things by different names. You can imagine my brain box is melting a little!

This time around, I’m trying to take a different approach to revising. This is far from being a perfected skill as I am the queen of procrastination (Facebook, you devil of a distraction you!) but here are a few (probably extremely obvious!) tips:

Make it short but sweet

Revising for 20 minutes a day is much more effective than 5 hours in one sitting! Spreading it out over a longer period makes it seem like a much less gargantuan task and much more enjoyable, to be frank. Of course, this depends on the time you have available however in my current situation, this is working well for me.

Make it visual

I’m very much a visual learner. I struggle to absorb information through reading alone so I need visual aids or interactive play. For a&p, there are plenty of interactive resources online such as the BBC website, or my favourite Anatomy Arcade where you can play games like Whack a Bone! Youtube has a ton of great videos, some by National Geographic especially “Inside the Living Body”.

Get someone to test you

After every lesson or revision session, my housemate asks me to tell her something I’ve learnt that day. It encourages my mind to store information and recall it when she asks me a question. I find this really helpful, and am also grateful that I have a friend who is willing to do this!

Drink lots of water

This may sound silly or obvious, but drinking lots of water and staying hydrated really helps with concentration levels.

I hope these tips are helpful in some way or another. Now, I’m off to study….


Willkomen, Bienvenue, Welcome

Welcome to yogawiththeflowblog! It’s been some time since I’ve written a blog but I’ve been inspired lately by friends who have delved into the same endeavour and it seems to have fired up my creative synapses. I’m not promising that I’m any good or that I’ll present you with anything interesting but I’ll certainly try 🙂

This post, and blog for that matter, could move forward in several formats. I can write based on suggestions and/or requests, or I can write based on what is currently floating round in my own brain box. Let’s go with the latter for now and see how we get on!

So, what is Yoga with the Flow? YwtF is me! It was borne at a time when I had undertaken yoga teacher training back in 2012 and wanted to create my own business brand and identity; I thought it had a cool ring to it, like go-with-the-flow but yoga which I think encompasses a lot of the teachings. I’ve taken a step back from instructing asana over the past year for various reasons but YwtF is something I still love. I’ve added Reiki healing to my skills and am hoping to take a massage course later this year which I think complement each other beautifully, so YwtF seems like a good place to talk about these things.

I’m currently taking an anatomy and physiology course at Citylit and my mind is constantly being challenged and awed by what I’m learning. That 10,000 cells in our body would fit on the head of a pin, or that the femur is as hard as concrete. All these processes occurring naturally in our bodies that we don’t think about or are aware of that keep us alive. It really puts things into perspective!

I hope you’ll join me on this blogging journey and enjoy what I have to say! Comments and questions are welcome but please keep them positive and encouraging. This is a space for joy, not negativity. Thanking you all in advance 🙂